Animal Boogie Review

Animal Boogie Review  This is the very first book  from Barefoot Books that my daughter and I read together! As soon as I started reading this book, I knew my daughter is glued on it! The pictures on the cover page are brilliant! The colors are just wonderful. But here are the best things my daughter and I love the most about this book!

1. The beat and the rhythm of the book makes me swing, sway…and “boogie, woogie, oogie.”

2. The different animals that depict all the movements in the jungle (there’s the leopard, monkey, vulture, bear,etc.) 

3. The incorporation of a child who has a disability – which just shows how the company values children of diversity and children with special needs. (I was actually telling this to some of my friends that who among publishers would give enlightenment in a subtle way about children with special needs? Barefoot Books does!). See this page below from the book.

4. The convenient place where you could insert a CD at the book of the book’s back jacket. (easy to store and no need to put them separately in a bag!)

5. The different races of children portrayed in the book!

This book is just a book rolled into one. If you are a teacher who is looking for a unit book on animals, movements of animals, sounds of animals, and diversity of children – this is the book! 

I hope you will enjoy it too as much as we did!

– Alpha

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