My Barefoot Story

Having been a mother for a year now, I have started to built more awareness on the information I tell my daughter. My husband and I have become more cautious in everything we tell her – specially now that she is at a stage when language acquisition is rapidly developing.

In our search for the right books for her, we have found Barefoot Books! Sure, there are a lot of award-winning books that we’ve collected even before our daughter was born, but Barefoot books are absolutely more than amazing! These books are multicultural and convey international ideas that we want our daughter to grow up with! 
The fun does not end here. 
In fact, we want to share this wonderful discovery we’ve found through Barefoot books with you! We know that as parents, we only aim to give the best for our children – and with Barefoot books, you will recognize the best books and products that target to our children’s developmental needs. 
We are so lucky that these books truly speaks to what we want our daughter to learn about. We want you to feel the same as well.
If you believe in bringing up your children with reading books that creates multicultural learning, continue to check out Barefoot books – and remember to pass along this message to your friends and family!
Thank you for time!

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