The Gigantic Turnip – Book Review

 This is a story based from a Russian folk tale about an old man and an old woman who were living in a cottage with an overgrown garden. they have all sorts of animals that they keep with them including canaries, geese, hens, cats, pigs, cow.  


They have been living just fine until one March morning when they both thought it was about time to sow their vegetables. The last one they sowed was the turnip.

Later that night rain fell and the turnip grew and grew until it became very GIGANTIC! When the couple woke up the following day they were very surprised to see how big the turnip had turned out to be…and they needed help from all their farm animals. One by one, they called out for help from their animals. Out came the cow but they couldn’t pull out the turnip. Next, they called out the 2 pigs, but again it didn’t work out. The story went on and went from one cow, to the two pigs, to three cats, four hens, five geese, then the six canaries. When all of their animals were in tow to pull out the GIGANTIC TURNIP, the old woman thought of her friend, the mouse. 

The old woman went to the kitchen and got a piece of cheese and placed it by the mousehole. Pretty soon the mouse came out and help yank the turnip. Within a few pulls, the turnip went POP and everybody fell on top of each other.

The story ends with the old man and the old woman making a huge bowl of turnip stew and guess who ate the most? The mouse!

– Alpha

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