Barefoot Books Affiliate Write-up – by Mira Burns

Mira Burns, the author and owner of “A Moment to Exhale” blog joined recently as a Barefoot Books Stallholder. In one of her posts, she wrote about her relationship with her son when it comes to promoting early literacy. As a teacher herself, she knows that reading is one of the most precious gifts that a parent can give to her child.

Read on her write up below. Please be sure to check out her blog at:

A Parent’s Great Gift To A Child by Mira Burns


Very early on in my son’s tender age I already saw his love for books. He would always take my hand and press it against his book as if asking me to read it to him. Until now, I see how he gets very enthusiastic and excited at just about any book he gets hold of. He can sit and browse through the pages of books for a long time, longer than other boys his age would normally do. He has relatively long attention span and he listens very well. He also picks up quickly when I identify pictures for him in a book. When I take him to the library for story telling sessions, he listens and participates. His love and interest for books made me encourage him even more. I read to him at least 15 minutes everyday, I watch Baby Einstein dvd’s with him and explain what’s going on. I demonstrate to him how animals and things sound like and basically talk and do interactive play with him a lot.

Recently I was introduced by a friend to Barefoot Books, a company started by two mothers who abandoned the security of corporate world to do something that they believed in. They wanted to publish children’s books that are quite different from the rest. They took a big risk and wondered about whether anyone is going to listen or if anyone would ever buy their books. But their strong belief and great conviction in the values they cared about gave them the determination to pursue their dreams. They are convinced that it is never too early to introduce children to other cultures. They believe that children can appreciate high-quality art, and enjoy the music as well as the meaning of language from a very young age. Children deserve the best, and they are dependent on their elders to help them make connection between themselves and others, between nature and culture, between learning and living. They need their parents’ and teachers’ interest, involvement and time.

Live Barefoot...Imagine!

As I learn more and more about Barefoot Books, I know this is exactly what I want my son to grow up with. As a stay-at-home mom, I take my job as a teacher to my son seriously. I believe that what you teach a child can shape him into what he will become when he grows up. I always find ways on how to engage my son’s imagination and enhance his development. I not only look for books with eye-catching designs but also with great contents and high educational value. Although I always say that my son drains all my energy during the day, it is all worth it when I see how he is learning new things and getting smarter every day. I find comfort at the thought that the involvement and quality time I spend with my son’s learning are paying off.

So this is why I decided to be an affiliate and sign up with Barefoot Books, I am one with their goals and aspirations for little children. I give Barefoot Books two thumbs up for their great works. For all mom bloggers out there with little children, I am inviting you to be a part of this great community of educators and share their creative books, CD’s and other gifts that offer high educational value and lots of fun. Becoming an affiliate of Barefoot Books, not only give you the access to own great books that help enhance your children’s development, but it also gives you some earnings on the side. JOIN BAREFOOT NOW!

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