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Barefoot Books’ co-founder Nancy Travery’s message


At the Barefoot Books International Conference 2008 in Cambridge, MA, Barefoot Book’s co-founder and CEO Nancy Traversy welcomed all the guests and stallholders and delivered a very insightful message to everybody at the audience. She was very enthusiastic and honest in every word she said, which truly made me feel connected with her and the company she and Tessa Strickland started in 1993.

What I liked about Nancy was that she was very transparent in her message. She talked about their victories, the challenges that she and Tessa overcame for the past 15 years as the visionaries of the Barefoot Books. She was as vivid and colorful as the stories that the Barefoot Books publishes. You could certainly tell that you can not separate the company from her ~ because she speaks genuinely from the heart in every aspect of the company. She was proud to admit about their failures in setting up the Barefoot Books and even openly told us about all the mishaps she’s had between balancing motherhood and being a CEO of a very cause-driven, people-oriented and socially-aware company. I’d have to say she is truly a walking image of SUCCESS and I would like to share with everybody what I’ve highlighted from her message to Barefoot Books Stallholders and how you could apply that as well to whatever you do.
According to her, “Success comes with perseverance.” and with that said, she definitely persevered and still doing so with all the plans she and Tessa’s got for the company. Nancy pointed that in order to attain success here are few things to remember:
1. Simplify 
2. Focus on building relationships – isn’t it that life is all about relationships? No man is an island. She said, “Listen to their stories.”
3. Appreciate opportunities
4. Believe in community 
5. Be pioneering – Don’t just sit there and follow the traditional path. Do something that is unique. Do something more creative and pioneer in what you do.
6. Redefine success  – Success is not always determined with how much do you earn in a year or how much money do you have in the bank but maybe if we redefine success based on other social causes and helping our community that might be a lot better.
In accordance with the conference theme of Telling Stories, I wanted to share what Nancy Traversy said about storytelling ~ that Storytelling is the heart of what it means to be humans! Learning the facts is important but story and imagination are far more powerful.

Barefoot Books International Conference 2008 ~ Telling Stories

I do not even know where to start about this wonderful experience I’ve had at the Barefoot Books International Conference ~ Telling Stories that happened from August 1 – 3 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA. But there is a beginning and there is an end. I’d like to break down my post into a few segmented articles to tell everybody what I’ve learned and I’ve seen about the Barefoot Books!


The few posts you will see in the succeeding pages will be the following:

1. Nancy Traversy’s message

2. The Barefoot Books Vision and Opportunity

3. Lessons I’ve learned from the Conference about the Barefoot Books Business

and of course!

4. Pictures from the Conference

There were a lot of things that happened during the three-day conference, which include the following schedule of activities:

Friday, August 1 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM – there was a welcome reception at the Barefoot Books Retail Store in Cambridge. I wasn’t able to go there but I heard from fellow stallholders who were able to attend the cocktail here at our flagship store, there were some raffle draws, announcement of winners (by the way, I won a signed book by Stella Blackstone! one of my daughter’s favorite’s authors ~ how lucky!) some won signed books and others won $25 gift certificates!

Saturday, August 2 from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM – this is the most important day of the conference and where I made sure I was there! Just like everybody else who were there, we met and saw Nancy Traversy, the co-founder of Barefoot Books, the great and hard-working staff of the Barefoot Books who answered all our questions regarding shipping, new releases, payment information, etc (everything possible that takes place behind the scene) and of course the friendly Stallholders from all over the US and the UK! It was so much fun! As part of the program, one of the authors/illustrators Maria Carluccio of Skip Through the Seasons and Sounds About Town, was our mystery author guest and shared to us her techniques ~ and allowed us to chat with her about her work. 

The day concluded with a poolside barbecue party at Nancy’s house in Concord, MA.

Sunday, August 3 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM – there was a duck tour for the family members as well as the Stallholders!

There was so much  fun and a lot of new information about our Barefoot Books business and what are in store for us in the future. Nancy Travery mentioned about the opening (soft launch) of the Barefoot Books store inFAO Schwarz this October 2nd and the full day celebration will happen on October 4th, with possible celebrities attending the Opening Day! Nancy also talked about how despite the economic crisis the US is experiencing right now that our company, Barefoot Books continues to very stable and will continue to succeed because what we offer is unique,  and we all believe that everybody’s success comes with perseverance!

I left the conference with so much knowledge and so much enthusiasm about building a future with Barefoot Books! So, if you would like to join this community with a passion of listening to other people stories, reading great books, developing early literacy and just a drive to live and respect the environment, you can start here:


I guarantee you that you will feel that you are making a difference in your own world, one book at a time. Go Green, Join Barefoot!